Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller is a writer, podcast creator, and contributor to Adweek.

Amy Sedaris Cares Deeply About Napkin Etiquette in Hilarious Vanity Fair Campaign

America's favorite host breaks out the kitsch.

St. Jude and Adobe Experience Cloud Have Created ‘Together,’ a Portal for Parents and Patients

It will offer reliable resources to families facing a cancer diagnosis.

A Young Gamer Gets the Hero’s Treatment in This Endearing Ad for Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller

'When everybody plays, we all win.'

For Deadpool’s Family-Friendly Edit, He Abducted Fred Savage Back to The Princess Bride

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John Cena Leads a Boy Band Made Entirely of John Cenas in Skyy’s Celebration of America

In ads both quirky and earnest, the WWE star shows his U.S. pride.

Bevel Pays Homage to the Black Barbershop With a Video Series Steeped in Great Storytelling

Cultural icons share what it means to be in the barber's chair.

Céline Dion Launches Her Line of Kids Clothes by … Getting Arrested in a Hospital Nursery?

Surreal ad promotes gender-neutral collection.

Holiday Food Outranks All Other Traditions in Humorously Relatable U.K. Campaign

People can’t wait for Waitrose.

This Heartbreaking Film Shows How Consumerism Has Tarnished the Meaning of Veterans Day

New ad from Anselmo Ramos’ Gut agency is powerful reminder of sacrifice.

This Heart-Melting Animated Short Shows the Intimate Power of Kindness and Compassion

Friends help a boy have a special dance.