Pizza Hut Will Be Front and Center in New Web Series on Competitive Gaming

'Legends of Gaming' to kick off Smasher channel

Pizza and gaming. It's a match made in branding heaven.

Digital content network Endemol Beyond USA is partnering with Pizza Hut for its new Web series, Legends of Gaming. The series, based on a U.K. version of the same name, will be the first on the company's new esports and gaming digital channel, Smasher. It will be hosted by YouTube personality Toby "Tobuscus" Turner.

"My channel is about my own lack of video gaming talent and showcasing my lack of abilities," Turner joked with Adweek. "This is a chance for me to make fun of other people's lack of abilities."

Pizza Hut will serve as an integral brand partner on the series and is being prominently integrated into each episode, most notably with the show's set.

Legends of Gaming will have four teams of two gamers who are coached by some of the biggest names in the growing esports industry, including Fatal1ty, Perfect Legend, HotShottGG and Hafu, competing in games such as FIFA; Counterstrike: Global Terrorism; and Doom 3: BFG Edition. The gamers collectively boast 43 million subscribers and more than 6.5 billion viewers across their YouTube pages.

"We picked games that we knew each of our pro gamers would excel at," explained Turner. "It was a game in each realm that the experts specialized in."

Debuting Oct. 7, the series will consist of 37 episodes and will include player profiles and blooper reels. In all, Endemol will have 147 different videos for Legends of Gaming. The U.K. version has attracted more than 32 million views. The series is also being developed in Germany, France and Brazil.