’08 Hatch Awards vid tops ’09 Hatch Awards

The fact that this six-minute opening video to the 2008 Hatch Awards won best of show at last night's 2009 Hatch Awards says a lot, perhaps good and bad, about the Boston creative scene, award shows and the ad industry in general. Cynics might sneer that it proves just how self-absorbed and solipsistic ad agencies have become, and how they've taken their eye off the prize, so to speak, in terms of driving product sales. I'd argue it's emblematic of the times—almost a defiant, fist-in-the-air, we-still-matter gesture from an industry that's become increasingly commoditized and marginalized by fickle (some would say sadistic) clients, UGC, the economic crisis and its own inability to adapt to the new reality. Considered as such, the navel-gazing video—by Fort Franklin, showing a creative struggling to create the 2008 Hatch Awards opening video—epitomizes truth in advertising, representing exactly where the business stands today. As for winning the top prize, I guess the industry took a look in the mirror and, in the truly spin-tastic spirit of advertising, ultimately liked what it saw.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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