11 Most Interesting Possessions That Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man Is Giving Away

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Parting is such sweet sorrow when it comes to one of the most iconic brand spokesmen ever. Yes, Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World is leaving us—he's headed on a one-way flight to Mars.

So, what better way for him to celebrate leaving Earth than giving away all of his earthly possessions? With help from Havas Worldwide, the Heineken brand presents a geniusly prop-styled and photographed smattering of knick-knacks in "The Coveted Collection."

You can enter to win this stuff, including a round-trip flight to Mexico and the chance to live in a "17th-century domicile [that] was once a royal pied-à-terre, a pirate hideout and most importantly, the former hacienda of the Most Interesting Man." 

Below is a gallery of some of the better items, complete with some of the best copywriting in the business, that help weave together the rich tapestry that is our beloved hero. 


1) Aegean Captain's Hat

"The respect he has for the sea is mutual. And his nautical prowess is known throughout the world, including in landlocked countries such as Switzerland and Paraguay. This is his favorite captain's hat. He once dove into the Bering Sea to retrieve it, after a gust of wind blew it overboard."

About this item:

• Size: 23" circumference

• Age: 41 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Wool crown, patent leather brim, black and gold corded detail, silk lining


2) Handcrafted Fork

"He makes meals from scratch, all the way down to the cutlery. And he considers this three-pronged fork to be one of the most underrated of his many achievements. This is due mostly to the fact that he made it with just an anvil and a single gloved hand."

About this item:

• Size: 8" x 0.75"

• Age: 19 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Gilded cast iron


3) Waikiki Classic Wooden Surfboard

"The perfect wave waits to catch him. And this vintage board, which he carved out of a koa tree, is his favorite. Witnesses on shore have reportedly seen him re-teaching an injured dolphin how to catch a wave, orchestrating a flash mob of hula dancers, and even delivering a baby on deck."

About this item:

• Size: 9' 6"

• Age: 51 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Resin-dipped fiberglass with faux-wood finish


4) Victorian Ice Axe

"He's never had a bad day. But if he had, it wouldn't be because he left his ice axe at home. Reason being, he's never once used it. He prefers to use his bare hands. He did, however, like to bring the ice axe along for aesthetic purposes."

About this item:

• Size: 2' 2" x 11"

• Age: 61 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Red painted steel body with serrated adze


5) Soaring Spirit Pole

"Even his boredom is profoundly interesting. That's how he came about creating this gem. He whittled the totem pole from some driftwood he found while sailing on calm seas up the Pacific Coast. They say if you look close enough, you can see yourself in it—even if you're a penguin."

About this item:

• Size: 7'

• Age: 13 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Handpainted, sculpted foam


6) Prized Spanish Guitar

"It's been said that his melodies' melodies have melodies. And more often than not they came from the strings of this Spanish guitar. In fact, whenever he carried this guitar, he would only speak Spanish out of respect for its rich history. Similarly, he only speaks French when holding a French horn."

About this item:

• Size: 3' 4" x 15"

• Age: 47 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Laminate white wood with mother of pearl insets


7) Pageant Silken Sashes

"One of his evenings from his time in Morocco has become the basis for a best selling novel. As you might have guessed, these sashes played no small role in what was an epic blindfolded night that involved exotic food, dancing and charades with hands. You may not have been there, but you should've been."

About this item:

• Size: 2' 10.5" x 4" (3)

• Age: 21 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Heavyweight Japanese bridal satin


8) Oval Scuba Diving Mask with Snorkel

"He once crossed the English Channel without telling anyone. And this is the vintage mask and snorkel he wore. He had them custom made before custom made was a thing, and they've seen more of the ocean than a fully matured coelacanth."

About this item:

• Size: 5" x 6" mask and 16" snorkel

• Age: 47 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Tempered glass mask with rubber strap and rubber snorkel


9) Winner's Circle Portrait

"The expression "Don't count your chickens before they hatch" doesn't apply to him. This painting is a perfect example. It was completed the day before the race. And the trophy seen within the painting was handed to the Most Interesting Man long before anyone even knew which horse was his. Upon winning, he was seen riding the horse home."

About this item:

• Size: 28" x 22"

• Age: 5 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Oil on canvas in copper-finished frame


10) Championship Bowling Shirt

"His bowling average is a perfect game. He is also credited with bringing some much-needed flair to the world of bowling by not wearing socks and donning what is now universally known as the Bowling Shirt. This is the shirt he wore when he beat Von Hoffer in a sudden-death match back in 1973."

About this item:

• Size: Men's Large

• Age: 43 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Knitted piqué cotton


11) Highland Scottish Kilt

"This kilt is no ordinary garb. Beautifully framed, it is a reminder that when in Rome, do as the Romans do, and when in a sword fight in Scotland, wear this kilt. In fact, they stopped making this pattern out of respect for him."

About this item:

• Size: 1' 11.5" x 1' 4" kilt, 7" x 7" sporran with 1' x 8" chain

• Age: 22 Years Old

• Materials/Composition: Pleated wool with leather buckles, leather belt with ornate silver buckle, leather sporran with tassels

@maskeroni alfred.maskeroni@adweek.com Alfred Maskeroni is director of video for Adweek.