At Kentucky’s 2017 Forecastle Music Festival, All That Glitters Is *Not* Gold

An atypical item on the do-not-bring list

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The summertime phenomenon known as city music festivals alights today in Louisville, Ky. The 2017 Forecastle Music Festival runs July 14-16, features headliners like Weezer and has led Gannett’s Courier-Journal today to espouse a front-page look more akin to an alt-weekly or glossy magazine.

That’s Taylor Kane McLeod as a musical mermaid, sporting splashes of glitter and photographed by Alton Strupp. Those splashes tie into a bigger glitter story this year. Festival organizers have listed glitter as one of the items not allowed at the event.

However, a piece by Courier-Journal reporter Kirby Adams clarifies that organizers mean glitter bombs and shiny specs of the portable kind. All because a lot of glitter is made of non-biodegradable plastic.

Adams helpfully lists some brands of glitter that are environmentally friendly, and ends with this assurance from the Forecastle folks:

A Forecastle spokesperson tells me not to fear: “No, we will not scrape it off your body at the gate.”

Bootie glitter fans, your Kentucky derriere is safe!

Check out the full list of Forecastle acts here and Forecastle inadmissible items here. The latter is also bad news for anyone who favors, at concerts, guns, drugs, silly string and confetti.

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