A Chatty, Dancing Tooth Makes You Question Your Toothpaste in 72andSunny’s First Work for Hello

What are you putting in your mouth?

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People are so concerned with keeping harmful toxins and chemicals out of their food, cleaning products and makeup, but what about something most of us use at least twice a day? Ever think about the chemicals that could be hiding inside your toothpaste?

Yeah, probably not. But don’t worry, Hello Products is looking out for you.

Cue an animated exposé of sorts–cleverly titled “An Inconvenient Tooth”– from toothpaste company Hello Products. In one of its biggest marketing campaigns, Hello–founded by Craig Dubitsky in 2012–uses a charismatic yet slightly creepy animated tooth named Toothy to convey that “Hello uses awesome ingredients that work great and taste great,” according to Joshua Nafman, the brand’s vp of marketing.

The goal of the campaign was to tell the story of the brand and its natural, do-gooder approach to its products.

“What I love is that Hello just naturally had a story they wanted to tell,” said Matt Murphy, executive creative director at 72andSunny, which just started working for Hello. “The classic adage is if you don’t have something to say, you need to make something up, but with Hello, we actually had a story to tell. We needed to find a naturally friendly way to bring it to life.”

You won’t find any saccharin, an artificial sweetener found to have no nutritional value, or propylene glycol, used to de-ice airplanes (OMG!), in this brand of toothpaste. Apparently you can find it in a bunch of others, so, as Hello Products suggests, check those toothpaste labels. Or take a hint from Toothy and try a less-harmful product like Hello.

The brand landed on an animated tooth to tell the narrative because the marketing team “liked the juxtaposition between an animated character and the education element of it. We’re really happy with the personality that comes through,” Nafman said.

Murphy noted that he wanted the ad to feel fun and educational, but not too preachy, so the agency took a page from the days of Schoolhouse Rock, creating Toothy as an educational figure. “We wanted him to tell people to wake up and introduce them to a new brand,” he said.

The campaign, centered around the animated video, will appear on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube over the coming weeks. One of the Hello’s main goals is to simply spread the word about the brand. At the end of the spot, Hello encourages consumers to visit the website and order a free sample and then send one on to a friend.

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