A Hotel Chain’s Umbrella Uses LED Strips to Brighten Your Rainy Days

A cone of comfort from Days Inn and Olson Engage

Days Inn shines a new light on a familiar promotional item—an umbrella emblazoned with the brand’s logo—in this campaign developed with Olson Engage.

The economy hotel chain modified a bunch of standard umbrellas—reasonably big suckers, 45 inches long by 51 inches wide when fully opened—with eight internal LED strips, AA battery packs and a 3D printed control handle.

Each unit generates more than 4,000 LUX of “happiness-inducing rays,” the brand says, and emits “little to no heat.” (So your hair won’t catch on fire!)

These Days InnBrellas (a groaner, but at least it’s on-brand) are available for guests to try in select hotels in especially rainy markets such as Portland, Ore., Seattle, New York City, Houston, Raleigh, Miami, Memphis and New Orleans.

You could also win one by retweeting a post from @DaysInn on Twitter through June 26.

“Days Inn wants young families and friends to take advantage of every possible minute away together,” Phillip Ma, senior director of brand marketing, economy brands, at Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, tells Adweek.

“Everyone is so incredibly busy nowadays, and traveling creates the special moments and memorable experiences that strengthen personal bonds which are so important,” he says. “We developed the Days InnBrella to make families’ and friends’ time together brighter, no matter what conditions Mother Nature serves up.”

So, on rainy days, you can walk around for up to five hours in your own illuminated, brand-boosting cone of therapeutic comfort. Or just stay warm and dry in that hotel room you’re paying for—it’s entirely up to you.

Also: when the wind whisks that InnBrella from your grip and sends it skidding down rain-washed streets on a stormy night, those little lights will make it easy to chase down.

This marks the brand’s second bright marketing idea in recent months, following its inclusion in a Jimmy Kimmel Academy Awards gag and offer for a free stay to Oscar nominees who didn’t win.

“Bringing our brand promise to life through nontraditional efforts helps us connect and engage with our guests in a new way,” says Ma. “We’re telling our story in ways that build relationships with everyday travelers.”

Client: Days Inn
Agency: Olson Engage


Vice President: Shannon Lovich
Account Supervisor: Sarah Brown
Senior Account Executive: Shelly Massachi
Assistant Account Executive: Mattie Tietz


Creative Director: George Fiddler
Creative Director: Joel Wheat
Senior Copywriter: Jameson LaMarca
Group Director of Integrated Production: Ryan O’Hara Theisen
Integrated Production: MK Smith


Director & DP: Stephen Holm
AC & Grip: Rachel Knoll
Line Producer: MK Smith
PA: KaylaAnne Glick
Editor: Rachel Knoll & Cody Brown
Colorist: Michael Sandness


Still Photographer: Stephen Holm
Editor: Rachel Knoll
Colorist: Michael Sandness

Product Production of Days InnBrella: Skilled Creative

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