Aardman animates series of quirky E.D. ads

Finally, some halfway-decent erectile-dysfunction advertising. Over in the U.K., Levitra marketer Bayer Schering Pharma has unveiled nine animated shorts from Aardman Animations (and Prospero London) that tell the tale of "one man's journey from droop to Don Juan." Parts 1 and 8 are posted here. Here are all nine episodes. (The last one is a bit randy—the kind of thing Marge Simpson might appreciate.) The series, featuring a quiet, introspective E.D. sufferer named Dennis and his long-suffering yet sympathetic wife, has that über-British self-effacing tone of Aardman's Wallace & Gromit cartoons. "My life started getting a little, shall we say, tricky a while ago," Dennis explains on the YouTube site. "Activities in the bedroom became, you know, increasingly limited. No naughty business as it were. Not that I didn't want it, I just couldn't. It got me down, but now I'm back to my fine, upstanding self and you can see how in these videos. This is my story. Maybe it will even strike a chord with you." It sure beats U.S. E.D. advertising like the ads with the Whiskey Dicks and the dude who talks to his reflection on the way to the doctor.

—Posted by Tim Nudd