ABC cancels toxic ‘V’ skywriting campaign

Air-traffic controllers can breathe easier now that ABC has scrapped plans to promote V, its upcoming alien-invasion series, by skywriting giant V's above 26 popular U.S. landmarks. We can all breathe easier, actually, as a Washington Post columnist pointed out that the stunt would spew 800 grams of lead into the atmosphere. One of the proposed flyover sites, Boston's Fenway Park, is still recovering from all the hot air generated by fans about the Red Sox making it back to the World Series this year. The Statue of Liberty was also marked for a flyby, but New Yorkers wouldn't have noticed, because they're bedazzled by the post-season run of the soon-to-be world champion Yankees (Wednesday night's bump in the road notwithstanding). Unfortunately, we might still be in for some noxious emissions. If the "reimagined" V is anything like its stink-bomb '80s namesake, the stench will start to rise as soon as the series (for lack of a better word, and to stretch the metaphor to its very limit) airs.

—Posted by David Gianatasio