Ad agencies missing from MTV show ‘Hired’

Next week is the debut of MTV's Hired, a reality show about desperate college grads pursuing their dream jobs, mostly in creative industries. Brooklyn digital agency Huge was slated to participate in the show, but pulled out after staffers rebelled at the idea of being featured on the same network that brought you Jersey Shore. It's perhaps telling that among the 20 businesses MTV chose for the show, none are advertising agencies. Instead, the collection includes companies in fashion, events, publishing and other industries. In communications, there's one PR firm (American Rebel PR), an advergaming company (Arkadium) and a social-media consulting firm (VaynerMedia). But no ad agencies. Maybe it was an oversight, but it's hard to believe that advertising, long one of the harder industries to break into, doesn't appear on the roster.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey