Ad Features a Mysteriously Pregnant Man, but He’s Not Carrying a Bundle of Joy

Welcoming a less cute baby

In this peculiar ad by Saatchi & Saatchi in New York, a couple experiences their first pregnancy … with a twist. That's right, it's the man who's pregnant, not the woman. It would give away the punch line to reveal the identity of the client—so just watch the spot first.

That's right: They compared pregnancy to garden-variety gas.

Even if you didn't know it was a Fiber One ad, it's pretty obvious that viewers are being set up for something other than a baby as the commercial's 90 seconds unwind. That's a bit long to wait for this particular type of joke to squeeze out.

Of special note, though, is Michael Bolton's contribution: The bombastic balladeer belts out a new ditty, "I Just Can't Wait to Meet You," in the ad. Maybe if he let up on all those emotions, our pent-up protagonist might have been able to concentrate and get some relief.

Below, check out Bolton's (genuine?) reaction as the producers explain the commercial's premise in the making-of. That face! He looks like he's just smelled something foul. (Maybe it was the gas baby.)

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