Ad for Whitney Houston’s House: This Is Where She Fell From Grace!

Own the place that 'brought down this incredible musical diva'

If there were ever an occasion for which the phrase "too soon" was appropriate, it's a real-estate broker using Whitney Houston's death as a selling point in trying to offload a house she used to live in. "With the recent passing of Whitney Houston," the ad says, "it is with a heavy heart that we remind you of this great mansion," says an ad on, referring to the Mendham Township, N.J., house. "This has undeniable celebrity lineage, history and patina. From the storied soaring success of the young Whitney Houston, to her marriage ceremony with Bobby Brown, this house and 4 car garage Car Property, hosted some of the music industries most infamous moments." But there's more! With a less-heavy heart, the ad brags: "This house was also the scene of the activity that brought down this incredible musical diva over a 15 year cycle. The mansion was also used in the filming of a 2005 reality show in which she and her ex-husband appeared at the pinnacle of Whitney Houston's fall from musical power and grace. With all of this incredible star studded history, if you owned this house you would always have these incredible stories to go with it. A great conversation piece for anyone." See, if you have $1.75 million, you can use it to celebrate the demise of a famous singer. Kind of a dick move, wouldn't you say? It's like trying to sell Graceland by hyping up the master bathroom. Via the New York Post. David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.