Ads promise highly odd Vancouver film fest

The movies featured at this year's Vancouver International Film Festival (running through Oct. 16) are not guaranteed to have fully developed characters, interesting settings or compelling plot lines. But they will have bestiality, nonsense and subtitles. That's the somewhat questionable promise made in the three mock-warning ads above, from TBWA\Vancouver. It's not exactly a ringing endorsement of independent film (who really wants to see "a ridiculously out-of-place dance scene and an ending so arbitrary it's almost genius"?), but it does suggest an upside to movies like these: You might not enjoy or even understand them, but they will challenge you in some way, if you're up for it. Thus, the tagline: "An open mind is advised." This is par for the course for TBWA and the VIFF, which have worked together for 15 years. Last year's ads showed people reacting nonchalantly to bizarre post-festival happenings in their everyday lives. The tagline explained: "After 16 days of film, nothing will faze you."

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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