On the Adweek Podcast: Keeping the Diversity and Inclusion Momentum

On mentorship and finding creative ways to connect during COVID-19

Looking ahead on Yeah, That
Looking ahead on Yeah, That's Probably an Ad. Adweek, Getty Images
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Cannes Lions is canceled for 2020 as “it’s not the time to be celebrating anything,” in the words of its organizers. But those industry collaborative moments will be missed.

Meantime, diversity efforts go on as mentorships evolve, with video chats helping to facilitate one-on-one conversations.

On this week’s episode of Yeah, That’s Probably an Ad, D&I reporter Mary Emily O’Hara joins co-hosts David Griner and Ko Im to celebrate the D&I Champions in our latest issue and discuss creative ways to connect in the time of social distancing.

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@koimtv ko.im@adweek.com Ko Im is the community editor at Adweek and co-host of Adweek's podcast Yeah, That's Probably an Ad.