Adweek’s 25 Most Popular Stories About Creativity in 2018

A year of work that challenged, inspired and occasionally baffled

Who says a print ad can't be interactive? Ikea encouraged women to pee on this ad, which doubled as a pregnancy test and offered a discount on cribs.
Headshot of David Griner

Do creative agencies bloom in adversity? They might, if 2018 is any indication. Despite it being a rocky and often chaotic year for the agency world, 2018 saw an astounding range of strong creative ideas—as illustrated by our Top 25 ads of the year.

So what resonated with Adweek readers? Here’s a look at our 25 most-read Creativity stories in 2018:

No. 25: McDonald’s Agencies Rush to Reference Banksy’s Shredded Painting With Fry Art

No. 24: The New York Giants Had the Time of Their Lives Making This Dirty Dancing Super Bowl Tribute

No. 23: Red Stripe Says That, Whatever the Cost, It Will Buy a New Bobsled for Jamaica

No. 22: How a Hidden Design Flaw Makes the Starbucks Logo Look Perfect

No. 21: Check Out All 30 Grand Prix Winners From Cannes Lions 2018

No. 20: H. Jon Benjamin, the Voice of Archer and Bob’s Burgers, Is Now Also the Face of Arby’s

No. 19: ‘You Want Me to Write FCK on a Bucket?’ How KFC’s PR Crisis Became a Print Ad for the Ages

No. 18: Think IHOb Is Bad? Here Are 4 Other Brands That Tried to Change Their Names

No. 17: A Lump Was Placed on ‘the World’s Most-Touched Breasts’ to See If Anyone Would Notice

No. 16: The 25 Best Ads of 2018

No. 15: Burger King’s New Trolling Ploy Sends Fans to McDonald’s to Unlock a 1-Cent Whopper Deal

No. 14: KFC Responds to U.K. Chicken Shortage Scandal With a Timely ‘FCK, We’re Sorry’

No. 13: Nike’s New Colin Kaepernick Spot Inspires You to Pursue Your Craziest Dreams

No. 12: Bless This Designer for Remaking Famous Logos to Teach Us Which Fonts They Use

No. 11: OkCupid Redefines ‘DTF’ in Striking Ads That Are Like Little Works of Art

No. 10: Baffled by Conceptual Art? So Are Will Ferrell and Joel McHale in This Museum’s Short Film

No. 9: The 5 Best Ads of Super Bowl LII

No. 8: Burberry Gave a Famed Designer 4 Weeks to Redesign Its Logo, and Here’s What We Got

No. 7: Ryan Reynolds’ Snarky Out-of-Office Emails Are So Popular, They Melted His Gin Brand’s Servers

No. 6: This Comically Savage Election PSA Will Scare Every Millennial Into Voting in the Next Election

No. 5: Ikea Wants You to Pee on This Ad. If You’re Pregnant, It Will Give You a Discount on a Crib

No. 4: Here’s the Data Behind IHOb’s Seemingly Stupid Name Change

No. 3: This Look Inside Spike Jonze’s Apple Ad Is as Fascinating as the Film Itself

No. 2: Netflix Created a Clean, Custom Font That Could Save the Company Millions

No. 1: Burger King Deviously Explains Net Neutrality by Making People Wait Longer for Whoppers

@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."