Airline KLM’s Hologram Booth Lets You Share Travel Tips With People Waiting at Other Airports

Facial scanning enables real-time conversation with locals

The 'Take-off Tips' booth connects travels in Amsterdam's airport to those in terminals around the world. DDB Unlimited
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Time spent waiting in the airport is largely time wasted. Sure, you can check your phone, hit the Cinnabon and (Wi-Fi gods willing) get some work done, but largely you’re just running down the clock until your next flight.

Dutch airline KLM and agency DDB Unlimited came up with a far more interesting way to use your time in the terminal, though.

“Take-off Tips” is an interactive booth that lets travelers connect via hologram with someone at another airport who is leaving the country where you’re headed. The goal is to exchange advice on anything from cultural norms to sightseeing destinations:

“Many travelers get bored at the airport as they wait for their flight. With ‘Take-off Tips’, we want to give them a more useful and memorable way to pass the time,” says Ed van Bennekom, creative director at DDB Unlimited. “This new KLM initiative is a good example of how we combine strong insights with innovation to show that KLM is number one in customer service.”

While the installation has a certain sci-fi panache, it’s also an impressively practical use of facial-scanning technology, which has become increasingly reliable and commonplace across modern tech. And it’s a nice extension of the kind of one-on-one communication that made for other fun travel promotions, like the Swiss campaign that connected Zurich train station visitors with a local in the Alps.

For KLM it’s also an extension of the brand’s commitment to being a leader and innovator in customer service.

“In our industry, it is such a joy to be able to bring people together time and time again,” says Natascha van Roode, head of marketing communications for KLM. “We continuously strive to find means to enable contact between customers including new technologies to create memorable experiences.”

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