Alberta Tells Youth to Keep Their Vajayjays Yay-Yay in Slang-Filled STD Campaign

Are the kids gonna dig it?

With sexual transmitted diseade rates ascendant in Alberta, Canada, how can a provincial health department reach young people who clearly aren't practicing safe sex? 

The answer, it turns out, is an ad campaign by the Trigger agency that combines disquieting frankness with cringe-inducing, Tom Wolfe-esque use of modern sex slang. 

If slogans like "Go balls deep without losing sleep" and "Protect your junk and your trunk" don't appeal to you, you're probably not the campaign's target demographic of 20-somethings, especially men, among whom gonorrhea and syphilis rates are soaring. The ads are meant to be short, snappy and rude enough to grab attention online where the anonymous hook-ups responsible for this uptick in STIs are arranged. 

Being honest here, most of these slogans sound like someone's middle school principal trying to relate to students, with "Keep your vajayjay yay-yay" as the definite low point. 

But a few are so audacious that they're funny. We certainly never expected to hear a government agency say "Chase bears with no scares" in our lifetimes. And Trigger's tone and implementation may well be more effective than the hectoring and scaremongering normally reserved for this topic. 

The campaign has gotten good feedback so far, but talk is cheap. The real test of its effectiveness will be if STI rates decline. 


Agency: Trigger

Creative Director: Johnny Talisman

Copywriter: Lance Risseeuw

Art Directors: Taegan Rubert / Vanessa Chaplin

Account Director: Celeste Herbert

Production: Julie Bousfield / Natalie Faulkner David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.