Amp isn’t the only brand on a quest to score

Of the many complaints that rained down on Amp Energy's "Amp Up Before You Score" iPhone app, a couple of common ones involved the notion of "scoring" with women and the creation of crude female stereotypes. It's sexist, many claim. But it's not like the PepsiCo brand is the only marketer using this rather common expression. Take Spectrum Brands' Remington shaver. It has kicked off a promotion to win a crazy weekend in Las Vegas. The effort includes an online game called the "Face of Success Challenge," which asks: "Think you can master the perfect look and slickest moves to score big with these lovely ladies?" The game then asks you to select from among, yes, five female archetypes: fitness instructor, retail consultant, paralegal, pharma sales rep and waitress/actress. Players choose pickup lines to test their success with the ladies. Will it meet with the same outrage? My guess is no, if only because "Spectrum Brands" isn't exactly "Pepsi" when it comes to name recognition.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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