Apple Reminds You That There’s a ‘Better You’ Out There in Its New Ad

Apple Watch Series 4 focuses on fitness

Hello there ... many of you. Apple
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Yes, it is quite easy to sit back and relax. Or, you could get up off that couch and transform yourself. That’s the theme running through Apple’s latest ad promoting the fourth iteration of the Apple Watch. It’s not so much a product ad outlining features—it’s more of a rallying cry from the brand to get on out there.

In the ad, a man chills on his couch watching TV (Apple TV, perhaps?) only to see a twin of himself sitting beside him with a knowing smile. The watch then alerts the duo to stand up.

Next, they see another doppelgänger outside. And another. And then even more. Next thing we know, there are five of the same guy taking his fitness seriously, ultimately running to the beach, where yet another clone races into the water as the others give chase.

The 60-second ad, “Better You,” is a nice bit of promotion, showing the watch’s many features, including its water resistance, that have evolved substantially over the years. The Apple Watch Series 4 is a far cry from the original and includes better heart-rate sensors and built-in electrocardiogram and heart-rhythm monitors.

Though not intended to be a replacement for a visit to a cardiologist, the FDA-approved watch can help alert the wearer to the warning signs of an irregular heartbeat.

According to Men’s Health, the new additions to the watch were based on customer feedback, and in looking at the features on the face of the new device, it’s easy to see that Apple is putting a great deal of emphasis on health and fitness.

In the meantime, it’s always a good time to get up and start moving, as the ad implores. And now, you have another critical piece of technology to help you be your very best.

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