Apple Talks Up Its Environmental Efforts in Charming Animated Stories for Earth Day

Green initiatives, as voiced by Apple execs

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It took Apple a while to properly commit to manufacturing policies that help protect the environment, but in recent years it’s made significant progress—and has been broadcasting that fact, particularly on Earth Day.

For Earth Day 2017, the tech giant has rolled out four charming animated videos explaining some of its green initiatives, narrated by the Apple execs spearheading those efforts. The brand worked with artist James Blagden to highlight the environmental innovations in captivating way.

“Apple feels that now, more than ever, it is important for businesses to step up, and take action,” a rep for Apple told AdFreak. “Innovation that helps fight climate change is integral to Apple and its values as a company. And Apple knows that many of its customers want to know that businesses they support are thinking about their total impact on the planet, and the safety of their customers.”

See the four unscripted spots below, along with Apple’s descriptions for each.


Lisa Jackson, Apple’s lead on Environment work, gives a crash course on how our 40-megawatt solar farms in China produce enough electricity for all of Apple’s offices and retail stores in the country—and grass to feed yaks.


None of Apple’s 14 final assembly facilities in China send any waste to landfills. As in zero. And that all started when John Reynolds in iPhone Product Operations visited a factory in Guanlan, China.


Apple Park uses outside air to cool the building naturally, reducing the campus’ cooling load by 35 percent a year. Apple’s VP of Real Estate, Dan Whisenhunt, breaks down why this is well…cool.


Apple’s toxicology experts Rob Guzzo and Art Fong will grossly tell you how we make about 30 gallons worth of sweat every year, and how it keeps you safe.

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