Arriving at the Wrong Party Turns Into a Delightful Surprise in This New Heineken Spot

Brand rolls out 'Cheers to the Unexpected' campaign

Heineken kicks off a new campaign, encouraging people to embrace the unexpected. Heineken
Headshot of Katie Richards

Sometimes, those unexpected moments in life, the amazing, unplanned things that unfold in front of you, are the ones worth remembering. That’s the vibe Heineken is going for in its latest spot, “New Friends.”

The ad is the first in the new U.S.-centric “Cheers to the Unexpected” campaign that encourages Heineken drinkers to live in the moment, try new things and not be afraid when things don’t go as planned. Those moments could be infinitely more exciting than what you had anticipated.

Take the gentleman we meet in “New Friends.” He arrives at what he thinks is apartment No. 9, bottle of wine in hand, expecting to discuss things like literature and art, while a man plays some light tunes on the piano. Instead, he walks in, gets handed a Heineken and enters a pretty wild apartment party.

“Sometimes the wrong party is the right one,” the ad, created by Publicis New York, says.

“Life isn’t about following a path. It’s about seizing the moments we sometimes never expected,” Jonnie Cahill, CMO, Heineken USA, said in a statement. With the latest marketing effort, the brand is channeling former CEO Freddy Heineken, who once said, “There’s always something happening around beer.”

“With ‘Cheers to the Unexpected,’ we are bringing that to life, showcasing how beer and Heineken can bring people together and raising a glass to the surprise moments that make life worth celebrating,” Cahill added.

A second spot from the campaign, “Introduction,” officially rolls out June 19 and is tied to the World Cup. Two additional spots will debut later this year, with one more coming over the summer and one during the holiday season.

@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.