Art vs. Advertising: Giants From Both Sides Do Battle Over Who Has More Masterpieces in MoMA

AICP pits Van Gogh vs. Credle, Koons vs. Kling, Cezanne vs. Graf

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One of the perks of winning at the AICP Awards is that your ad goes into the archives of the Department of Film at the Museum of Modern Art. This brings a new level of bragging rights to advertising creatives, whose work doesn’t too often reside next to masterful fine art.

The call for entries for the 2017 AICP Awards amusingly plays up this perk by pitting giants of art and advertising against each other—in three comic videos that look at who actually has more work in MoMA.

We have Susan Credle versus Vincent Van Gogh, Jeff Kling versus Jeff Koons, and Gerry Graf versus Paul Cezanne. In all three cases, the counts are close—Graf actually has as many pieces in MoMA as Cezanne, while Credle and Kling are only slightly behind their adversaries.

But the comedy here is of the self-mocking variety (Credle, Koons and Graf each penned their own script), pitting clear lasting cultural treasures against the more goofy, ephemeral nature of even the most lauded advertising.

Check out the videos here:

“The conversation about art and advertising is over—it’s now about Art vs. Advertising as creative rivalries percolate across media platforms,” said Matt Miller, president and CEO of AICP. “The archive at MoMA is a huge achievement, offering unequaled prestige to artists of all walks as they strive for creative recognition.”

The concept came from Nick Law, global chief creative officer at R/GA and 2017 AICP Next Awards judging chair, and Jay Zasa, executive creative director at R/GA, along with R/GA creative directors Mike Donaghey and Chris Joakim.

Enter the AICP Show and AICP Next Awards here.

Creative Concept
Nick Law, Vice Chairman, Global Chief Creative Officer R/GA
Jay Zasa, SVP, Executive Creative Director, R/GA
Mike Donaghey, Creative Director, R/GA
Chris Joakim, Creative Director, R/GA

Writing Credits
Susan Credle, Global Chief Creative Officer, FCB Global (“Van Gogh vs Credle”)
Gerry Graf, Chief Creative Officer, Barton F. Graf (“Cezanne vs Graf”)
Jeff Kling, Chief Creative Officer, Fallon (“Koons vs Kling”)

James Duffy, Editor
Nick Schneider, Editor
Lucas Spaulding, Editor
Renn Cheadle, Assistant Editor
Connie Chuang, Assistant Editor
Malia Rose, Producer
Yole Barrera, Producer
Corina Dennison, Executive Producer

“Koons vs Kling”
Collin Goodspeed, Director
Valeska Bachauer & Lauren Carpenter, Art Direction
Jeff Kling, Talent

JSM Music
Joel Simon, CCO/CEO
Jeff Fiorello, Executive Producer
Norm Felker, Producer

Audio & Voiceover Recording
Josh Abbey, Engineer / Partner
Kevin Halpin, Engineer / Partner
JD Heilbronner, Engineer / Tech Producer / Mixer
Jeff Rosner, Executive Producer / Partner

Voiceover Artist
Alex Warner

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