AT&T rethinks everything in new BBDO ads

AT&T has halted its Luke-Wilson-led charge against Verizon and now wants us all to "Rethink possible." The new campaign, from BBDO, is rather scattered, with no repeat characters, theme or even artistic style. Check out a bunch of spots below and after the jump. We get good old-fashioned domestic situations, people walking halfway across the country, a guy wishing he were still a 5-year-old ball of id who drew crayon monsters, and a spelling bee that goes on for 48 hours due to the new, super-intelligent race of kids weaned on the Internet. I can't find the common thread. In the most absurd spot, AT&T suggests that with a flap of its giant telecom wings, it could start the course of a relationship that will eventually spawn the 57th president of the United States. Rethink possible? Frankly, I'm not sure what to think. I'm already tired of thinking small, thinking different, thinking outside the bun and unthinking my chicken—now I have to rethink everything all over again?

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers