Australia shrugs off parodies of tourism ads

Australia was hoping its new "There's nothing like Australia" tourism campaign would have better luck than the much-hated "So where the bloody hell are you?" effort from a few years ago. But just hours after the campaign launched, it got slapped around by parodies on a rogue Web site,, poking fun at the Aussies and their goofy ways. Tourism Australia is trying to take it in stride. Its managing director says: "We expected that people would spoof the ads, and we are fairly relaxed about that." But it goes to show the perils of tourism slogans that can be spun negatively (see also: New Jersey's classic ambivalent line "Come see for yourself"). It's also a reminder that you should buy up as many alternate domain names as possible. The site's creator wrote on Thursday that "no harm is intended through this site—we're just trying to have a laugh and we're sorry if we've offended TA." 

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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