Bad Gifts Make Good Comedy in Georgia Lottery’s Holiday Ads

Five friends deconstruct their crappy presents

You know how, when someone gives you a horrible gift, you lie and say it's the perfect thing? Don't you wish could just exclaim, "Are you seriously trying to insult me with this?" Or, "You know what makes the baby Jesus cry? This gift." BBDO's new holiday scratchers ad for the Georgia Lottery does away with seasonally enforced insincerity and lets the giftees say what they're thinking, with amusing results. Five friends gather around a fireplace for a gift exchange, and they're all disappointed, to say the least. There's the insult gift—a books about kittens that tells everyone you're single. There's the style disaster—a sweater that looks like a mountain of cotton candy. And there are the general "What were you thinking?" gifts that "accidentally" get left behind or end up straight in the trash. In the end, they agree to buy scratchers and never do something like that again. Thankfully, none of them seems to realize that lottery tickets are the crappiest gifts of all. What a blessing. The spot is part of a series, but only this one is online so far.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.