BBC trying to make British a happier people

The BBC's vision of happiness seems to involve multicolored, happy-faced balloons hanging out in an eerie laundrette and babbling endlessly in working-class British accents about what makes them smile. That's what happens in this PSA from the U.K. broadcaster, part of an effort to promote good mental health among Brits, who are not always known for their sunny disposition. This ad, by HarrimanSteel, coincides with World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10 and invites the public and celebrities to share their own smiley stories online at Smiling was selected as the main theme because it's considered a universal sign of well-being. Of course, people with less robust mental health smile a lot, too, usually while wrapping tinfoil around their heads to keep hostile signals like the BBC's programming from assaulting their brains. The campaign includes a nationwide tour by the balloons, which will spread joy, and static electricity when rubbed, wherever they go. Crazy stuff.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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