BBH Finally Gets to Add Storybook Ending to Its Wimbledon Ad for Robinsons

Spot originally aired in 2009

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Britain had to wait 77 years—until Sunday's win by Andy Murray—to celebrate another British male singles champion at Wimbledon. So, BBH London should feel fortunate that it had to wait only four years to add the proper ending to its now-famous Wimbledon commercial for Robinsons drinks. The spot, which dreams of the day when a British player would once again win the prestigious London tennis tournament, was originally put together in 2009. Murray made it to the semifinals that year, losing to Andy Roddick. He made it to the semifinals in each of the following two years as well, reaching the final in 2012, only to fall to Roger Federer. This year, finally, he triumphed—over Novak Djokovic. "Worth the wait, wasn't it?" says BBH's newly added voiceover at the end.


Client: Britvic Robinsons

Campaign Name: Wimbledon "Imagine"

Original Client: Lesley Davey, Brand Director

Current Client: Helen Gorman, Brand Director

Original Launch: June 1, 2009

Updated Film: July 7, 2013

Original BBH Team:

TV Producer: Ben Davies

Account Director: Sylvia Pelzer

Account Manager: Corina Cuddihy

Account Planner: Nina Rahmatallah

Engagement Planner: Darius Karbassion

Creative Director: Nick Gill

Creative Team: Daniel Schafer, Copywriter; Szymon Rose, Art Director

Original Production Team:

Production Company: Blink

Director: Benito Montorio

Director of Photography: Antonio Paladino

Postproduction: Phil Oldham @ Absolute Post

Editor, Editing House: Andy Mcgraw @ Cut and Run

Sound: Aaron Reynolds @ Wave

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.