Betty Crocker Gets Vampy With a ‘True Blood’ Cocktail

Check out her other TV-inspired recipes

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Betty Crocker, that old-school American hospitality queen, mixes a mean True Blood-inspired cocktail. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. No, it doesn't. But that's not stopping the venerable kitchen brand from latching onto the hot HBO vampire series just in time for the show's season finale this Sunday. (The newly created libation is not to be confused with Tru Blood, which is both the fictional product that sustains the show's sexy vamps and the real-life orange soda that fans can drink if they have the stomach for it.) Betty Crocker's Blood-Red Sangria Cocktail, made with red wine, dark sweet cherries, vodka, orange rind and some other stuff (spoiler alert: cooking required!) is part of a new line of recipes themed, somewhat vaguely, to TV shows. Among the dishes are Slushee Cupcakes (Fox's Glee), a Modern Old Fashioned (AMC's Mad Men) and the Double Meat Dudewich (CBS's Two and a Half Men? The naked billboard for Two and a Half Men? Gross!) The recipes are meant to drift off the heavy promotion around the new fall TV season, and of course sell Betty Crocker and parent company General Mills's frostings, condiments, Cocoa Puffs and biscuit dough. But I don't think they go far enough. There's not one homage to AMC's The Walking Dead. Could they think of nothing with braaaaiiiins?

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