Big Tobacco now torturing helpless bunnies

A grimly determined bunny (OK, a guy in a bunny suit) gets hassled by some grimly evil Big Tobacco dudes in this grim Barber Martin spot for the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation. Mr. Ears is pressured to leave the forest because the trees are needed to make cigarettes, but of course he doesn't hop away willingly. His tortured cry at the end is in the best Method acting tradition, even if his outsized, floppy feet and cottontail aren't. In the closing shot, standing downcast and defeated in the ruined landscape, he could really use a cigarette. Or maybe one of those Nicorette tubes! (Hey, it's better than those endless tracheotomy spots from American Legacy. Happy 10th anniversary, fearmongers!) Check out a second new spot from Virginia after the jump, in which two teens in love text about how great and non-smoky they smell.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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