Billboards Ask: Should George W. Bush or Barack Obama Be Added to Mount Rushmore?

A confounding choice

Residents of Cincinnati, Phoenix, Sacramento and San Antonio have probably seen billboards asking them to vote for adding either Barack Obama or George W. Bush to Mount Rushmore. I'm sure those billboards have prompted many questions, most of them variations on "What the hell for?" As it turns out, the answer is "No reason." The billboards were the idea of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, which admitted that the campaign was a bogus project designed to "measure consumer response." (The actual billboards sent people to After the four-week campaign, more than 70 percent of respondents said Mount Rushmore should remain unchanged. Big shock there. So, not only were the billboards fake, they didn't really accomplish much that couldn't have been done quicker and cheaper. As for Mount Rushmore, they should put Grover Cleveland up there twice, just because.

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