Binge Watching Turns You Into the World’s Worst Person, and That’s a Good Thing, Says Fox

You've got to have priorities

Not since Johnny Dangerously have curse words been suggested the way Fox Premium’s new “Son of a Binge” ad does it.

Each of the fargin’ bastages in this spot behaves rudely or irresponsibly because Fox Premium’s can’t-miss binge-able programming is just that good. To be a true “son of a binge,” one must prioritize binge watching over a grandparent’s birthday, buzzing up the delivery guy, being truthful to your children, and stopping people from stealing a car, among other things.

The ad, put together by agency Ponce, runs in advance of Fox Premium’s Latin America launch, which will treat subscribers to both Fox programming and films that aren’t available on other VOD services. It’s shot with moody lighting and camerawork normally reserved for dark thrillers, which is an interesting choice. The tone here is humorous and a bit callous, but I wouldn’t call it dark.

If anything, this is the sort of selfishness we used to see in Twix ads, but ratcheted up even more so. At this rate, the next ad will show a well-dressed businessman finishing up an episode of The Young Pope before stepping out onto a balcony and asking a huge crowd who John Galt is.

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