‘Blur’ racing-game ads racier over in Europe

Here in America, the ad for Activision's new racing game, Blur, takes a pretty funny swipe at the juvenile joyride that is Mario Cart. But in France, the ads (one below, one after the jump) have an even more masculine thrust, with come-hither women representing different upgrades in the game. The women play against each other in what can only be described as a couch co-op catfight. Packed with cleavage and crotch-level camera angles, these spots are, as Joystiq notes, "more an excuse for them to show off skin than to show off the game." There's also something off-putting about the guy who comes in at the end to manhandle the women. But I guess if you're going to say that these women are basically playthings, then why not go ahead and throw in a pimp? We can't pin this whole thing on the French, though. There was a similar promotion for the game here in the U.S. with Maxim's "Hometown Hotties."

—Posted by David Griner