BMWs Are Great for Breakups, Golf Rage and More in These Fun, Irreverent Ads

Three quirky new spots from KBS+

The handling on the BMW X1 SUV is so good, you can use it to dump all your ex's stuff right at his feet, then take off again—without ever having to get out of the car.

So says a new ad from the automaker and agency KBS+. Two other spots in the campaign also use comic scenarios to pitch viewers on the benefits of the model. One guy is willing to risk his sports team losing if it means he gets to drive, cause it's fun. Another is masochistically intent on playing golf—no matter how much he hates actually doing it—because at least he can throw a tantrum tossing his gear into the spacious trunk.

That latter scenario might not make much sense to viewers who aren't suckers for the game, but presumably it will resonate with some members of the brand's target audience.

But mostly, the ads are fun and relatable little bits—clear and concise, with just the right amount of irreverence. And they stand out among the category's clichés about enjoyable driving (see: revving engines, shimmering city nights, winding country roads, stunning landscapes, etc.).

Plus, a little lighthearted and endearing messaging is well-timed, given that now is probably not the best moment, image-wise, to be a manufacturer of German diesel cars—even if you're not VW.

But seriously … golf rage?


Client: BMW                                            

Agency: KBS+

Co-Chief Creative Officers: Dan Kelleher, Jonathan Mackler

Executive Creative Director: Paul Renner

Creative Director, Writer: Lea Platz

Senior Art Director: John Hagerty

Copywriter: Benjamin Cascella

Head of Production: Jenny Read

Senior Producer: Melissa Tifrere

Executive Director of Content Affairs: Robin Oksenhendler                                                 

Account Director: Sam Smeach Stringfellow                                       

Production Company: O Positive

Director: Brian Billow

Director of Photography: Adam Kimmel

Executive Producers: Ralph Laucella, Marc Grill                                               

Executive Producer, Line Producer: Ken Licata

Editing Company: NO6

Editor: Jason MacDonald

Assistant Editor: Ryan Bukowski   

Executive Producer: Corina Dennison

Producer: Malia Rose

Finishing, Visual Effects: The Mill

Flame Artist: Corey Brown

Executive Producer: Melanie Wickham

Producer: Alex Bader                                                                                     

Sound Design: Henry Boy

Sound Designer: Bill Chesley

Color: Company 3

Colorist: Tom Poole                                                 

Audio: Sound Lounge

Mixer: Tom Jucarone

@GabrielBeltrone Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.