Bonnie Tyler does glamtastic MasterCard ad

Oh, how I've wished that some marketer would remake "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as a brand anthem and cast Bonnie Tyler, the power ballad's aging, whiskey-voiced warbler, as an angel swooping down from the skies to thank people for using the company's products and/or services. The wait is finally over! McCann Erickson in London and MasterCard sing the praises of average shopper "Neville" in this unapologetically over-the-top production. The new lyrics ("Half an hour ago you were buying some stuff/Now you're walking back to your car") improve the song immensely. Highlights include a rollerblading chorus, sparky pyrotechnics, rose-petals (I think) dropped from a helicopter, an '80s MTV-style lead guitarist riding a jetpack, a dog driving a tiny car … and Tiger Woods. He's way in back, trust me. For an encore, Stevie Nicks should rise up from hell and poke shoppers with a pitchfork. Now that would be priceless!

—Posted by David Gianatasio