Brazil’s scented banners smell a little funny

Everyone loves a cool ad execution, but some are clearly advertising for advertising people. This is particularly true during award-show season. The video below, getting some passalong among the adverpeople of Twitter, shows a Brazilian campaign by ID/TBWA for a fragrance brand Kaiak. Kaiak came up with a reformulated scent for its cologne, but it's only sold door to door. (I had no idea that door-to-door sales were still popular in Brazil.) How to sell it online? The Brazilian shop outfitted computers at 15 Internet cafés with machines that produce scented samples when users click on a banner on the café homepage offering a sniff. Cue the hidden-camera footage showing the shock and delight of the samplers. Kaiak says it got a 17 percent click-through rate and distributed 10,000 strips in a weekend. Color me skeptical, but that's a long walk for a small beer. Oh well, you can probably expect it to take home a bunch of Lions next month in Cannes. Via @hashembajwa.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey

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