Breckenridge Brewery Spoofs Corona, Dos Equis Ad Campaigns

'Truth in Beervertising' series continues

These low-budget "Truth in Beervertising" spots from Denver's Breckenridge Brewery via Cultivator Advertising & Design do a so-so job of spoofing well-known commercials from a pair of industry giants. Corona gets ribbed in "Find Your Couch," which shows a guy enjoying a sun-splashed beach scene that turns out to be an image on his TV. He ultimately clicks over to a football game. It's a cute bit, but kind of an obvious joke. A second spot skewers Dos Equis, introducing "the least interesting man in the world," a brewery worker named Bob who proclaims, "I always drink beer. And when I do, I prefer good beer." He's silent for the first 15 seconds, and had he stayed that way, perhaps simply shrugging at the end, the spot might have been stronger. Besides, I'm way less interesting than this guy. Ask anyone who knows me! See some earlier ads from the series on the brand's YouTube page. Via The Denver Egotist.

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