British Airways Lands Magazine Cover Artist via Instagram

You never know who might be looking

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When British Airways last year relaunched First, a quarterly in-flight magazine for first-class passengers, it heralded the product as a ‘bespoke journal-like size with unique cover artwork and specially textured paper, giving it a book-like feel.’ The airline did not mention plans to discover cover artists via social media, a more populist vehicle than a first-class cabin, but that is exactly what has transpired.

The chosen artist for the latest “Water”-themed issue is Amelia Mills. From a report in U.K.’s Eastern Daily Press:

Mills, of Walcott, was discovered via Instagram and subsequently commissioned to create a unique piece with the theme of water for the quarterly in-flight magazine. “It has been an exciting opportunity to work with a high-profile corporation like British Airways,” she said. “It’s wonderful that social media offers people the chance to have their work discovered.”

In addition to circulating on flights, the original painted artwork by Mills is on display in the BA Concorde lounge at Heathrow Airport through the end of June. The handsome publication is produced in partnership with London content marketing agency Cedar.

From Mills’ posts about her cover work:

One of my favorite things about working with resin is the shine; the finished pieces have a glass-like quality which looks so beautiful. The BA piece is inspired by the mineral-rich, glacial rivers of New Zealand.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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