Burnett moved to poetry in McDonald’s spot

Leo Burnett in London classes up McDonald's in this poetic U.K. spot about the types of people who pass by (or rather, through) the Golden Arches on a typical day. By focusing on the patrons, and not on the food, the ad does a nice job of presenting McDonald's as something slightly more than a boring, omnipresent fast-food chain serving unidentifiable meat to people in a hurry. The highbrow poetry is also balanced out by the lowbrow, unpretentious claim that McDonald's is literally for anyone and everyone. The rhyme scheme is unforced and smooth, too, which couldn't have been that easy to do. I wish they'd export this kind of stuff to the U.S., where all we've been getting is that faux-hipster McCafe crap.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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