Camera Store Mocks Photos Taken With Phones in Spoof of Apple’s iPhone Ads

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Headshot of Tim Nudd

Apple's "Shot on iPhone 6" print and outdoor ads, featuring real photos taken by real iPhone 6 users, has been very popular since its launch in early 2015, even picking up a Grand Prix award at Cannes. But of course, not every photo taken with an iPhone, or any smartphone, looks quite as perfect as that campaign would suggest.

Lens & Shutter, a three-location photography store chain in Canada, specializing in DSLR cameras, reminds its target market of the limitations of smartphone cameras in a fun parody of the Apple campaign—featuring the line "Shot on a phone."

Each ad focuses on a different problem with phone cameras—digital zoom pixelation, motion blur, low light and a giant thumb intruding on the camera. Check out the ads, from agency Rethink, below.

"Smartphone cameras have improved by leaps and bounds, but they're still far from perfect," says Lens & Shutter owner Roy King. "For shooting in less-than-ideal conditions, or for capturing those once in a lifetime moments that you really don't want to miss, there's still no substitute for the real thing." 

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.