Can your weed killer deal with killer weeds?

U.K. ad shop WLKW pays fun tribute to giant-killer-plant movies in this action-packed Weedol Rootkill Plus spot. Maybe I should say giant-killer-plant movie, because this is essentially a one-film genre. The lone classic is Day of the Triffids. The ironic twist there was that rain ultimately killed the evil alien vegetation. (There, now you don't have to watch it. No need to thank me.) The details make this spot stand up to repeated viewings. The spacey/dramatic soundtrack, period costumes, hairdos and décor are spot on. The woman hysterically shrieking "The weeds!" as the green tendrils attack remind us that this takes place in the era before women's lib. Note the ridiculously wide gap between the front door and the floor. Heck, a skinny burglar could squeeze through that! In the best bit, the weeds enact some long-overdue revenge and drag the dog up the chimney. That'll teach him to dig up the yard. Come to think of it, Little Shop of Horrors also had a bloodthirsty plant, but its ability to do evil was hindered by the fact that it was potted. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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