Cancer Patients Given Outlandish Makeovers to Help Take Their Mind Off the Disease

Advocacy group creates art show from their reactions

My father's girlfriend was recently diagnosed with cancer. Doctors have the treatment covered, but medical care isn't the only thing she needs. Above all, she's been looking for something, anything, to make her laugh and smile—a distraction to take her mind off it and let her truly live life again.

That's why this video hit me so hard. The same insight, that people with cancer are looking to forget their illness, however briefly, led to the creation of this makeover experiment appropriately called "If Only for a Second."

The Mimi Foundation is a French charity that helps cancer patients maintain their dignity and avoid feeling dehumanized by the disease. We've written about the organization before in 2010 when it created a moving short about a how kindness brings cancer patients back to life. In this new spot, 20 cancer patients get outlandish makeovers, wacky enough to make anyone smile. Then it captures the moment of the reveal and holds an art show to celebrate the amazing portraits.

It's moving, beautifully shot and flat-out perfect. But most importantly, I finally know what to get Joanne for Christmas.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.
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