Cancer PSA advises dudes to act like chicks

This new PSA from the Prostate Cancer Foundation implies that if you talk openly about prostate cancer with your buddies, you're a girly man—but in a good way! The spot shows five dudes, including sports legends Vida Blue and Rosey Grier, sitting around knitting and being polite, crocheting instead of being crotchety, talking about cancer screenings instead of belching and watching sports. This is apparently PCF's vision of the ideal man—or at least how he should communicate. "Why can't men express themselves more like women?" asks the copy at the end—i.e., address health issues head on instead of hiding from them, which is the real "girly" thing to do. Guys might not jump at the chance to emulate these fellows, but the PCF is surely hoping their wives, at least, will think it's funny. Via Osocio.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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