Captain Lou, the quintessential 1980s icon?

Long before Gilbert Gottfried and Roseanne Barr proved you could build a career on in-your-face annoyance, there was Captain Lou Albano, a wrestling promoter so breathlessly brash that he could just about strip the paint off your living-room walls whenever he appeared on the TV. But thanks to his surprising and successful career moves (primarily, his inexplicable partnership with Cyndi Lauper), Albano transcended his role as a villain and became a beloved icon of the 1980s. And that's how he was remembered across the Web on Wednesday when news broke that he had died at his home from natural causes at age 76. Albano leaves behind a strange legacy, one that's nearly impossible to explain to anyone who didn't grow up in the '80s. In fact, he is probably the perfect representative of '80s entertainment, considering his famous affiliations with professional wrestling, MTV and even Nintendo. So, here's to Captain Lou, a man who proved you don't have to be brilliant or beautiful to be a star.

—Posted by David Griner