Century 21 Helps You Give Dad Just What He Wants for Father’s Day: Nothing

A bit of land in Nothing, Ariz., that is

If you believe nothing is good enough to give Dad on Father's Day, Century 21 has the perfect gift idea for you: Why not give the big guy a parcel of land in Nothing, Ariz.?

After all, he's got plenty of sweaters, ties and cologne already. And when you ask Dad what he wants for his big day, the dude always makes with the awe-shucks routine and mumbles, "Nothing." So getting stuck with a piece of bone-dry, ghost-town real estate in a sweltering desert, 120 miles from Phoenix, would serve him right! 

MullenLowe created the cute campaign, explained in the sand-choked video below:

Sure, it's a bit of a fixer-upper, but those tumbleweeds and cattle skulls are retro-Western chic, and the buzzards keep the place clean, we'd imagine. (Hey, it's less threatening than Walter White's house, people!)

Certificates for plots in Nothing, Ariz., are valid for only 24 hours—so if Dad doesn't like his gift, he won't have to go through the trouble of taking it back. (While visiting the site, you can even go the Harvey Nichols route and pick up a little Nothing for yourself.)

Best of all, sending Dad a deed is easy—and it's free! That's right, you won't have to pay something for Nothing—which leaves more cash in your pocket for therapy to work on those daddy issues.

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