This Chicken Chain Got an Actual Chicken to Write Its Tweets, and Look What She Posted

Deep thoughts from Betty

If you read some recent tweets from Australian barbecue chain Chicken Treat, you might conclude that a strange bird is running its feed.

And you'd be right. Literally.

The franchise put a keyboard inside a henhouse and let a freaky fowl named Betty just have it. For more than a week, she's been using the hunt and peck method to broadcast on behalf of the brand, as part of an ad campaign that's generated ample publicity.

Betty's antics remind me of Burger King's Gloria, a hen who toured BK locations this spring to decide which restaurants would serve Chicken Fries. Betty, however, doesn't have the power to determine who gets to eat her own kind.

Sometimes, Betty goes on at length:

Here, she's more concise:

Mmm, saucy:

OK, Betty gets a bit off brand, but her output is no worse than most of the dumbcluck stuff companies put on social media. And she'll have ample opportunity to improve, as she is "manning" the account until she produces a five-letter word in English and makes the Guinness Book of World Records as the first official tweeting chicken.

I thought Donald Trump had already earned that distinction. Must be the feathered hair.

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