Chocolate charmer mixes up some Cadbury

Every year or so, Fallon London makes a play for big buzz and creative kudos with a high-concept spot for Cadbury. Previously, the brand went ape, drove airport trucks and made eyebrows dance. And now, it blends ("It blends!") chocolate and milk club style, as a bespectacled, balding "chocolate charmer" deftly handles the mix. Huge funnels of milk and chocolate rise, tornado-like, as "The Only One I Know" by the Charlatans U.K. (hell-o, career revival!) pounds on the soundtrack. The Charmer looks like an amalgam of every middle-aged Britcom star from the past 30 years, and he makes a smooth move for a quick cuppa without missing a beat. On the social-media front, Cadbury has opened a "Chocolate Charm School" to recruit new talent. Count me in! If I'm picked, I'll take my salary in chocolate … and I'll need an immediate raise.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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