Citroën has room for all of your doggie bags

Euro RSCG in Italy unleashed this Citroën spot in which the luggage you can't fit in your car takes the form of a dog—travel-bag body, blow-dryer head, socks for ears—who's heartbroken that you're abandoning him. Luckily, you can fit all of your crap into Citroën's Picasso Spacebox. "Don't leave the stuff you love behind" is the message. I'd say the mock mutt is fetching, but that would be worse than using the word unleashed, which I did a few lines back. The implication of the spot is that dogs and bags are basically interchangeable, but in fact, bags are preferable. They won't vomit or shed all over your car's upholstery. Still, this commercial doesn't make up for Citroën's John Lennon ad. That was a real dog.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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