Copywriter Wins Free Billboard, Uses It to Hold Crazy URL Contest could be yours

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Texas copywriter Matt Bull became an ad-industry folk hero of sorts last month, when his first solo client work became an instant Internet sensation. But if you thought his billboard promoting Chicken Scratch restaurant—located "between some trailers and a condemned motel"—was odd, check out his first self-promotional board.

Bull, the owner (and sole employee) of The Department of Persuasion, tells Adweek that the coverage of his work for Chicken Scratch won him even more free publicity in the form of donated ad space. "Clear Channel Outdoor wanted to do something with me after your article," he tells us. "They gave me a month of digital boards to promote myself. I decided on something very, very silly."

As you can see above, the billboard simply says "" Once again illustrated by artist Elliott Park, the board directs viewers to a blog post by Bull, who says he's going to donate the URL to whomever comes up with the most creative way to use it. " is your domain to do with as you please," Bull writes in the post. "Anything at all. It could be an online graphic novel, a flash game hub, a text-based MUD, a collection of skewed illustrated poems disguised as children's picture books, a poorly written blog about second-tier sororities, an elaborate mythos for sloth-based fantasy neckbeards. Those are some free starter ideas. It would even make an excellent base for spreading malicious trojans. Not my business, frankly."

Ideas for the URL can be sent to Bull is also encouraging the winner and any participants to consider donating to Dallas-based charity Baal Dan, dedicated to helping street children in India.

@griner David Griner is creative and innovation editor at Adweek and host of Adweek's podcast, "Yeah, That's Probably an Ad."
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