Corn Dogs Beat Down the Most Monstrous Hunger in This Ad for Foster Farms

Odysseus Arms slays the beast

A horned, hairy monster represents a pre-teen's ravenous appetite which, left unchecked, swells to Godzilla-esque proportions in the first-ever ad campaign for Foster Farms Corn Dogs. On the plus side, that furry freak is a beast on the soccer field (we'd pick him for our team any day!)—and the middle-schooler jonesing for a snack never once morphs into Marilyn Monroe:

"We talked to working moms across the nation about the ever-present growling rumble that a 12-year-old boy's stomach makes when they're hungry," says Franklin Tipton, partner and creative director at Odysseus Arms, which developed the integrated push that breaks today across TV, digital, mobile and local activations.

"The idea of an appetite appearing suddenly, growing rapidly, all fussy and monstrous, only to be dispatched by seven grams of protein [from a Foster Farms Corn Dog], nailed what the moms felt about feeding young boys."

Emmy winner Dave Laden's work on silly spots with various varmints for Snapple and Yelp made him the perfect choice to direct, and here he captures just the right self-consciously corny tone. Legacy Effects built two suit sizes for the shoot, and some scenes were achieved using green-screen techniques.

"The Monster Appetite was tricky to style," says Tipton. "Too scary and it leaned toward unappetizing. Too silly or goofy and the idea becomes too juvenile." Ultimately, the look suggests an escapee from Maurice Sendak or The Muppet Show, with, according to Tipton, a yellow/brown hue designed to mirror "the texture of the [product's] cornbread coating."

Dude's so adorable. Couldn't you just eat him up?


Client: Foster Farms Corn Dogs

Foster Farms Marketing Director: Jonathan Swadley

Integrated Marketing Director: Ira Brill

Creative Agency: Odysseus Arms

Design Director: Libby Brockhoff

Creative Director: Franklin Tipton

Managing Director: Eric Dunn

Art Director: Rachel Ngun

Executive Producer: Cherie L. Appleby

Production Company: Hungry Man

Director: Dave Laden

Managing Partner/Executive Producer: Kevin Byrne

Producer: Caleb Dewart

Director of Photography: Chrisophe Lanzenberg

Editorial: Final Cut

Editor: Paul Zucker

Assistant Editor: Dillon Stoneburner

Executive Producer: Eric McCasline

Production VFX: Significant Others

Executive Producer: Alek Rost

VFX, Flame Artist: Dirk Greene

Producer: Garrett Braren

Sound Mix: Beacon Street

Composer: Andrew Feltenstein

Mix Artist and Sound Design: Rommel Molina

Executive Producer: Adrea Lavezzoli

Props/Monster Design: Legacy Effects

Production Designer: Alan Scott

Design and Build: Theodore Haines

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