Cox ad promises to deliver right-sized world

All of you tall people out there, grazing the ceilings like giraffes, probably think this Cox Communications spot from Minneapolis shop Periscope is a riot. We see a tiny elevator, wee laptops and mini TVs—all illustrating the point that "in business, the wrong size can make a big difference." Well, maybe some of us—through a fluke of fate, genetics or not enough steroid-enhanced school-cafeteria milk—have to slog through life at 5-foot-5. Well, almost 5-foot-5. You think that giant computer mouse is funny? That's how some of us live. I can barely lift an iPad! Sorry, it's tough to be big about some things. On another note: Should a company called Cox really be harping on about how everything's too small?

—Posted by David Gianatasio